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June 6, 2009

Another grad....


A week or so ago we went to the Chequamegon Club in Prentice to celebrate Mycal's graduation from high school. Mycal is Ivan's grandson, and here is Mycal with his moM, Naomi.

And here is Mycal with his great-grandpa Virgil Lord.

Here with his uncle Kyle (Ivan's son).

And here is Ivan himself with Mycal's cousin Evan (Kyle's son).

Obviously a meeting of the minds here...... Laura (Kyle's wife), Peggy, BJ and Julie.

And what would a party at the Chequamegon club be without a fire out back? We had a good time and the party was a great time.




Anonymous said...

Nice to see all the pictures of the Lord family. Must have been a great party. Good work, Gene.


yram said...

I love Ivan's gray hair...!