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June 17, 2009


We went to Milwaukee last weekend. We primarily wanted to spend some time with Bryn, and of course we saw most of the relation in and around the Milwaukee area.

So we arrived at Bryn's apartment to find that someone had recently pruned the shrubs in front of the house. It reminded me of the shrubs at Donna's house.... they got a dramatic trimming this spring as well. Maybe I can find a photo....

Friday evening we elected to go to the Lakeside Brewery, where they have a large hall that can be rented for wedding receptions, etc., and on Friday's (maybe other days, I don't know) the place is full of tables and they do a dynamite fish fry. We ate there and sampled their 'made on the premises' beer. Both fish and beer were excellent.

The place is built with that wonderful cream colored brick with lots of ornamental brickwork.

The Saturday doings will be talked about later, we'll jump to Sunday now. Bryn wanted to visit the Mitchel Domes and here is how they look as you drive across the 27th street bridge.

What wonderful structures they are! I think I remember visiting these when I was quite young... there are three domes, the Show Dome, the Desert Dome, and the Tropical Dome.

Wonderful grounds complete with some water pools. We visited the Show Dome first, and following are a few selected photos of some of the contents. I almost wore out the shutter button on my camera.....

Next time I'll put up some photos of the Desert Dome. If you are ever in the Milwaukee area with a few hours to spend, visit these domes!!!

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Maybe we will have to visit the Lakeside Brewery one of these Friday nites. Thanks for the blog. '


yram said...

oh...the domes. have not been there for years. what a wonderful place!