Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
Ottertail South

June 5, 2009

Late may


Spring has sprung, as they say. I took a walk around the Ottertail a week or two ago and found the big flowering crab almost fully in bloom.

Just to the right of that tree is a big old hard maple. It has some volunteer apple trees of some sort growing under it, and some of the long top shoots are right up in the maple. The white apple blossoms really stand out in the depths of the maple limbs.

Continuing to the right, the lawn is seriously green and the silver maple is starting to fill out with leaves.

No significance here, just a cool looking sky above the garage.....

Going around farther produces a view of the very green field and woods in the background. Also that blasted wood heap that needs attention..

On the north lawn a nesting robin was hunting worms. I never realized they did this, but as I watched it gathered four worms. It carried the previous ones around with it til it found another, then bunched them together and carried on. Funny thing is, the next day Peggy was standing in the living room looking out the north windows. After a while she said, "I never new robins caught more than one worm at a time! I just watched it find four worms before it flew off...."

Continuing around I noticed how pleasant the lodge looked in the afternoon sun.

And there was this hopeful looking white bloom a few feet away.

The lilacs were just starting to bloom and that cherry tree in the middle was full of white blossoms.

I have started to mow the south lawn on the diagonal, just to relieve the monotony of mowing.

And that brought me back to the flowering crab. It's blossoms look nice against the blue sky.

I went fishing with Ivan yesterday. We went to the Willow Flowage, kayaked around trying to find some fish to catch. We stopped once back at the landing to have a sandwich. Ivan had brought bread, left over fish and tartar sauce. We made sandwiches and had a beer with lunch. We fished quite a few hours but never got into any good fishing. We caught a few but kept none, but we did get in about six miles of paddling (by estimation using GoogleEarth).

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Anonymous said...

Nice posting again dear husband of mine. I do realize that it will be hard going back to work next week, but certainly not any harder than you worked today. Looks like you moved the entire wood pile around, sorting it into piles that need to be split or just stacked. I bet you'll be sore tomorrow...
We had a nice visit with the girls on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings. They have been spending some quality time at Mary's house, and it sounds like they have been both working and playing hard. Sure was nice to see them again... especially together. That will be more difficult as time goes on and they get jobs I'm sure.
I just think I realized how this works... when Gene sees enough comments on the blog, then he writes/creates a new one... Let's see if my statement is correct.
NB, thanks for writing... Hope the girls ballgame went well tonight.
Lucy, I saw Elaine Plyer today, and she asked about you, said that she and Luanne were talking about you the other day, and both agreed that they missed seeing you. Hope you're doing well, and hello.
Have a great weekend all.
See you soon, I think.

Anonymous said...

Another great bunch of pictures. These keep me from being too homesick. The flowering crab is beautiful. Did the Mock Orange have many blossoms???


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the pictures of spring/summer in the northwoods! Hope you don't mind but I downloaded on of the pictures of the fresh blossoms and have it as my desktop picture right now! It is so refreshing to look at during the day!


Carlo said...

I suppose it's O.K., Kristi..... :-)

yram said...

great pics! i love the flower shots. we are watching robins gathering worms and moths to carry back to their babies. their beaks are so full it is laughable! We have baby blue birds, baby chipping sparrows, baby swallow and baby robins all within about 15 feet of each other. oh...and orioles. cool.