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Ottertail Country
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June 21, 2009

The Desert Dome.


O.K., so it's taken a while..... busy at work trying to get things ready for being off work next week (furlough--a fancy word for "everyone take 4 weeks off and collect unemployment between now and end of August"). Last minute prep for a couple of projects there, also visitedDa Palace at Wintergreen, etc...... anyway, on to the desert....

A dragon tree.

Looks like it's wrapped with strips of paper!

Strange trees and plants inside a strange, but wonderful, building.

You have to enlarge these to get the effect.... double click 'em.

They even put an old cattle skull in there.

Golden barrel cacti.

Enlarge this one.... isn't it just a beauty???

Pony tail trees.

Weird cactus tree.

What a unique view of the arid lands to our southwest. And I soon I'll add a few selected shots of the residents of the 'tropical dome'.

Thanks for suggesting this spot, Bryn. We had a good time there.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures!!! yay! i had fun there with you guys, too!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice time at the Domes. Enjoyed the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Finally got around to reading the blog for the first time in a while - seems I missed a lot!!! Your trip down to Milwaukee was anything but boring!! I've never been down there before, but it seems I may have to take a trip some day and experience some neat places!! Or I can just rely on you to bring back pictures of the "finer" things Milwaukee has to offer! Kristi