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December 8, 2009


OK, so I've been lazy lately.... again. But here is all the news that is news in Ottertail country. One afternoon I found Peg on the couch knitting something with a couple of sharpened pulpsticks.

Chris and Hailee showed up weekend before last. I remember a tent something like this with my Uncle Larry, only it was with chairs and we had a lamp inside, as I recall.

She really seems to like these giant dog toys that Rosie and Bryn used to play with. Still hamming it up for the camera.....

This was a duet that defies description. Really Hailee does quite nicely on the piano, with no pounding of keys while shrieking. That's what I do when about 3/4 of the way through most songs.

A lot of Christmas ornaments were made, but no messes ;-) Again, just kidding, most of her projects are mild compared to the messes I made when her age ((that is a total guess, but somehow I think it's true)).

Crochet hooks, can this be for real?

The action moved outside later, as there was a fresh snowfall, about 3" with temps in low 30's. Perfect for snow"person" making. Now it occurs to me that changing the "man" in words to person does not really fix the gender issue, as the "son" in person is not gender neutral.... So I believe the correct term would "off spring"??? Per'son' becomes per'offspring', snowman becomes snow 'peroffspring'. Carry this forward to any word that contains person and we get some interesting results:
A Chairperson is simply a Chairperoffspring.
Personage is now peroffspringage.
And personable becomes peroffspringable.

But I digress........

And here we have 'Snowflake' and Hailee, both happy lookin' and about the same height......

Pa got in on the action, too. They moved around so fast I had trouble getting good photos. Of course, I stayed in the house so I would not get wet and cold....

After a few days of warmer weather we decided to rename Snowflake. She is now known as Eileen...... work with me here, O.K.????

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog again. Nice to see Hailee visiting you guys. Not too much snow here in Mil. yet. Keep the pictures coming.''


Anonymous said...

cool, I could click on all of the reaction buttons, and have them all register. :)

Well, I think that you can tell that we are all enjoying Hailee when she comes up... :) Children are a wonderful reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. :)

I sure hope everyone has a lovely Christmas season. Send pictures and your stories of your favorite Christmas... Maybe we can get someone to post them... or something.
Hugs to you all. peggy s

yram said...

hailee is a hoot! How old is she now?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes she is a hoot.... She just turned 4 on November 8th, same day as Ivan's birthday... so we shouldn't forget either. :)
She has decided that she absolutely LOVES instruments...a bugle,kazoo, harmonica, slide whistle,pan pipe, penny whistle,recorder, and of course the piano... all "her favorites" :)
Yup, this really is a great time, what with grown kids, grandchildren, and wonderful moms. It doesn't get much better than that.... oh yes, and being off work for the rest of the year. :)
Merry Christmas all. ps