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December 14, 2009


The UPS man brought me another package!!! Santa must like me? Onlyhow, here it is, a pretty good sized box carrying two small packages.

Now my memory may be getting poorer, but my 'puter's memory is getting way better. That big box held two of those itty bitty things like the one laying in front. They are memory "cards", or what ever they are called. I ordered a "memory upgrade" and this is what I got. I was still at 512MB of RAM, and the main board had two slots, so I ordered a pair of 1 gigabyte cards, putting me now at the awesome level of 2 gig of RAM. This thing is running like it's on fire!

All's I had to do was go to work and take the side panel off. Oh, yeah.. overdue for a dusting out! Anyway, I located the old memory, yanked it out and started opening packages.

New memory installed in a couple of minutes, they're the long black vertical things just to the right of and almost touching that little fan. It's amazing, that big old computer case is really quite empty when you look inside. Nothing in there looks like it knows how to make an email or a web page?????

I also treated myself to a new mouse pad. GO BERT!!!

We got about 6-7 inches of snow last week. I was headed out into the frigid air to plow and Peggy sneaked in this photo. Hmmm... I must be more careful next time.

Windy as it was, there was a strip of bare ground just on the north side of the woodpile. This immediately became my walkway so I wouldn't have to shovel a path through that drift...

Eileen is once again blending nicely with the surroundings.

Hmmm, rabbits and deer.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Snowmen (women, whatever gender you so desire) are such wonderful things! Wish the snow was packy enough to go make one right now!


Anonymous said...

Now that would be fun... We made snowmen with Hailee, and that was fun.
As a kid, I remember making forts, and we fired snowballs from fort to fort. Wonder if that might be something we can work on during the holidays. Guess it wouldn't be too much fun if it was just Gene and I. Anyone want to come home and play?
Merry Christmas all
Happy belated birthday Kristi.

Anonymous said...

Well, all's I've got to do is take and congratulate you on this entry on the blog. Eileen looks like she had a little too much Christmas cheer. Keep up the good work. Lucy

yram said...

Now the computer stuff I get! nice snow people! gotta love that bert

Carlo said...

I was hoping someone would pick up on the word selection ;-)

That's why she's called Ei leen....

Bert continues to set records, it's just too bad that the fan base could not get his last name right..... there is a proper word for the process of reversing letters in a word, can't think of it right now (need a memory upgrade)

yram said...