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Ottertail Country
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December 17, 2009

The Ottertail is open......


The first thing one always does, when winter vacation starts, is give the lodge a good cleaning. While that was in progress, I decided to take the bunk beds out of the main lodge to free up a little space.

That left the back room open for a shelf unit, a recliner with reading lamp nearby.

Now there is room to actually kick back in the chair to read, snooze or just look out the window. Put on a little Finnish Reggae and you're all set......

Still have a small supply of firewood outside the door. These pieces were all the drop-offs, knots and such from the main wood project. Peggy collected them all and stacked them outside the door, and I must say that they are the lodge nice and warm.....
I dug out all the snowshoes and left a couple of pair ready near the door.

A day or two ago the weather was clear, about 5° and a little wind. I decided to go out anyway, and I tramped about an eighth of a mile of trail. Wind on the face was a little too cold..... We'll continue the trail making process soon.

Late afternoon sun is a treat around the Ottertail. Winter is always cold with a beauty all it's own.

I stopped in the lodge to close the damper on the heater and pull the curtains shut, and I noticed that new constellation they have been talking about. It was particularly bright that night.

Well, the lodge is open and warm, stop in when you get a chance........

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Yup, it looks pretty nice out there now. Hope somebody gets a chance to just "sit and watch" out the window sometime during the holidays.

We just spent Wednesday evening in Wausau,attending Rosie's graduation. I'm guessing that will be the next post... pretty amazing...

Bryn, Looks like you're graduation will be next. :)

Merry Christmas all.

Anonymous said...

Ilove the pictures and the lodge looks warm and inviting. A nice place to seek comfort and solace when needed.

Looking foreward to pictures from the graduation. We were wondering about those last tests Rosie had in Dec. but then decided there was no way she would not make it. Congratulations to her.


yram said...

nice. yes-the constellation. I think they have officially named it the Christmas Constellation. It is so bright here we even see it during the day. Most amazing!

yram said...
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