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Ottertail Country
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January 24, 2011

Changes.... O.K.?

Greetings. I did a little facelift on the blog. I'm hoping it behaves properly, I had a little trouble getting it to look right on my monitor. Please let me know if things look goofy or good on your end. The right column should have all the things you were used to seeing, starting even with the top of the current post....

Let me know, Carlo


Anonymous said...

It all looks good, Carlos...
Fun to read about Ottertail Country South!
Cousin Barb :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does look good ... but I need a translation: "laissez lez bons temps rouler"?
Mary A.

Anonymous said...

Let the good times roll!!! :-)

Tootie said...

All seems to be working good. I spent hours on the site today finding out what was all there, and enjoyed seeing and reading about your many projects, trips, etc. I really loved the beautiful scenery and wildlife pictures. Keep 'em coming!