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January 27, 2011

Plowing and TV's


I guess it takes a bunch of tools and supplies to mount a snowplow on an ATV! I think it took longer to clean up the bench than to install the plow....

After getting the mount and the plow parts bolted in place, I had to then run cables, mount a contacter, mount a switch on the handle bars and get it all connected to the ATV's battery. This required removing the seat and the cover over the gas tank right in front of the seat.

I mounted the contacter in the little storage compartment under the seat. I never use that space anyway. As you can see, there is quite a birds nest of wires in the storage area. All the cables were really long and had ring terminals crimped to them. So the absence of any new terminals and the cold air around me, I decided to just cram it all in for now. I'll fix it in the spring.....

Here are a few shots of the end product.

As I was testing it in the yard at night, Peg snuck out and took a couple of photos. You have to use your imagination in the first one.

It was only about 5° that night but I had fun anyway....

If anyone wants this TV, now would be the time to speak up. It's the old rear projection set from the Ogema house. I found a label on the back that said it was made in 1992.... a 42" screen and it must weigh about 250#. It is too big to move to our new place, and the picture has really degraded over the years.

So, instead we now have a 37" Vizio flatscreen. It only weighs 35#, takes up very little space and will fit in nicely in the a-frame.

This year the tree was only in the house about a week and a half. Here it is, all undressed and ready to hit the snowbank out back.

That's about it for now.

I gotta go, Carlo


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