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January 31, 2011

Plowing and heaters...


About a week ago I loaded the ATV on the trailer and headed for Ottertail South to plow the yard and drive. When I arrived I saw that Art Raleigh had delivered some pulp wood. Now I did not know exactly what I would do with the wood, but figured I would need it somehow. When we acquired the new place, I thought perhaps I would rig up an outdoor boiler and some sort or heat exchangers in the house. Then I got a call..... My niece and nephew, Paul and Jenny, are part of Dale Anderson Masonry, in Allenton, Wi., and very interested in masonry heaters. Paul suggested that we consider putting in one of these......

Here is a brief collection of a few masonry heaters. I chose these particular photos to show how diverse the designs can be. This is the Masonry Heater Association's website, an association devoted to the art of masonry heater construction.

I have spent hours looking at and reading about these heaters, and I'm nearly sold on the idea. Here you will find an extensive collection of heaters of all styles.

These things heat by radiating stored energy from a wood fire. Twice a day you burn an unrestricted fire, the gases travel through a labyrinth of passages and nearly all the fire's heat is captured in the masonry mass. This stored energy is then radiated slowly to the surrounding area, heating things instead of heating air.

This type of heater works best in an open floor plan house, making this a feasible choice for the a-frame.

As an added bonus, these things are beautiful to look at!! Anyway, Paul is looking for places to build these heaters, and would like to do more along these lines. We may take him up on the project.......

So those were some of the thoughts cruising through my head as I plowed and shoveled. Making plans, considering options. I'm sure that when we get moved and settled in this spring, we will be making some decisions about what projects to start first.... we have a list started!

Plowing is done, ATV loaded and ready to head back to Ottertail North.

The ATV does a pretty nice job on the driveway! And the sunset was pretty nice as well.

That's it for now.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Those masonry heaters are beautiful.. and, sound very efficient! I enjoy reading your blogs and all about your projects!
Cousin Barb

Anonymous said...

Wow - sounds like those heaters are pretty efficient!! One should heat the new place pretty well!!


Anonymous said...

You may have to move to a more conventional stair case to make room for one. They look great.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll just have to "climb up the chimney" to get upstairs. :)

I'm sure that all we'll have to do is.... something like this.. "lay a finger along side of our nose... and ultimately, right up the chimney we goes". :)

too close to Christmas I guess, sorry.
so many options. ps

Anonymous said...

yeah......., only 326 more days til Christmas, that IS close!!!
yep,too many options!!!
"Have HAPPY day!"


yram said...

looks beautiful there. we have talked of putting in a masonry heater. maybe someday

Anonymous said...

They look really cool. Or should I say warm. :)~Rosie

Anonymous said...

Wow-some of those heaters are really beautiful!
The kids and I will be passing through on Thursday, late morning, early afternoon. Will someone be around to visit with? Its spring break for us! We are going down south to Sturgeon Bay.

Anonymous said...

Oops-sorry-I didn't sign my name to the last post-more anonymous than I had meant to be!
Love the blog!

Carlo said...

Unfortunately, Peg and I will both be at work Thursday.... There will definitely be a general invitation for a 'new house' party when the snow is gone and things warm up a little, maybe we'll see you then?