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October 7, 2007

Da wall.....

This is what I saw each time I looked out the garage door today. We worked on getting the wall built that would define the two areas of the garage..... Peggy's area and 'our' area. That bike was calling my name all afternoon, but I managed to stay on task...... We needed some supplies from the lumberyard, so Peggy headed up there to get them. I started in on the electical work, strung some wires on the overhead, put up some outlet and light mounting boxes.

When Peg got back we finished nailing the wall sections together, stood them up and got them nailed into position. It was extremely humid (and warm temperature) out there, and I was, once again, too hot to be having this much fun.... We built the wall in two sections, then put the plywood on afterward.

I ignored that bike in the yard and we managed to get all the plywood on the wall. We cut and fit the last panel on the east end, put it in place with two nails, then put on the top 12" tall piece across the top. (9' tall walls, 8' tall plywood). Then we took that last panel back out so I could have easy access to both area of the building until the wiring is all done. We swamped out the whole north end of the building, moved the bike trailers in, backed the van in, moved the motorcycles back in. Then I finished the light wiring in Peggy's area, so things are moving along.

When we were shopping for siding and other needfuls at Menards, Peg saw a little base unit cabinet. She asked, "Is it time to retire that dishwasher in the kitchen?" I reluctantly agreed (ha, ha) So we got the cabinet and put it in place next to the stove.

We thought we would use the wood top off the old washer, as it looks kind of nice there, being dark wood amid the mostly white surroundings. So, after a day of working in the garage, and laundry and other stuff, I caught Peg working on cleaning up that wood top at 9:15 this evening..... Hmmm....
Anyone need a dishwasher???? (Doesn't work, though.)

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Anonymous said...

HURRAH!!!!!! It's about time that old dishwasher got scrapped!!!!! The new little cabinet looks nice. What a wonderful looking garage. Have a good week.


yram said...

You must be kidding! No bike ride and instead a wall? Priorities man!

Anonymous said...

quite lovely!!! i miss you guys!


otterwoman said...

speaking of quite lovely... it takes one to know one... :)
we miss you too. How are the classes coming? any favorites?

Sounds like you and Grandma are keeping in touch... that's great.

Any thoughts about heading back north any time in the near future? If so.. be sure to bring Lucy...

Study hard, have fun, be good, and come home when you can.

we miss you too.