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October 14, 2007

I liked this day.....

Got up a little late today, headache and such... but finally got going on finishing the electric project. I glued together most of the PVC parts that the wire would go through. Here is the completed house end of the run.

The twisted 3-wire conductor is quite stiff and hard to get throught the pipe and fittings. It took some work and last minute glueing of fittings with the wire inside. Here is the completed garage end of the run.

Inside the garage the wires run up through the PVC tubing and into the breaker panel. Peggy found this panel at a garage sale, $3.00 and it's just what we needed.... smart shopper, that girl.

Here are the wires ending in the breaker panel, ready to be connected to the appropriate terminals. The other end of the wires were fed into the house via the piping shown in the first photo. That end of the wires will be routed to and connected in the main sevice panel. Still need to do that. I turned my attention to some other outdoor tasks that needed to be done before winter. I think I'm finally catching up to the list a little bit..... But that's not what I'm here to talk about today. Today has another importance...


October 14th, 2006---October 14th, 2007

We spent this day a year ago in our fancy clothes, going out to Lugerville to get "hitched". Snow on the ground last year at this time, and cold! The weather co-operated and we had sun and a break from the wind.

We're remembering a wonderful time with family and friends at the Chequamegon club.

Thanks for the hats, Rosie, we wear them quite often.... ;-)

You know, this picture shows us just the way I feel today....really good.

When I came in from working around the place today, Peggy had a steak and baked potato dinner, with salad and beans and dinner rolls. We had some left-over wedding cake for dessert (Peggy had been keeping some in the freezer).

Thanks, Peg, for a great first year!! The start of many, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

What a fun day that was. The last day I danced!! The Chequamegon looked so nice with all the decorations. Glad you've had a nice year.


Anonymous said...

Wow, one year, cool. You guys look bearly married in the last photo dar hey!!! Congratulations!!!


Anonymous said...

Yup, we've had a great year. It was definitly the right thing to do.
We have been very busy, but have enjoyed working together on most everything. We're learning the ways of the "gentle give and take" of married life. I ask, and he salutes and says "yes maam".. :)
just joking... but he is a good man, and I feel very lucky to have a parner as wonderful as he.

Looking forward to many more really good years with my husband, our kids, and multitudes of grand children. :)

Anonymous said...

the piano sounds grand... so nice to have finally gotten it down here. thanks Ivan for the help with it... thanks Gene, for playing it .... there is little better than listening to the sound of you playing any instrument.

Yes, we're getting "water logged" up here... the electric trench and the driveway are both full of water... standing water everywhere.

I'm hoping that there will be enough moisture left for some good snow this winter... looking forward to some snowshoe time this year. much later of course. :)
good night... ps

Anonymous said...

wutz an IDE ROOM??

Carlo said...

That, my friend, is a place you go for an inspiration. Jed told me about it......