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October 19, 2007

Quack, quack......

Let's see.... "Nice weather.. for ducks!" Or, "Duck! Here comes another rain cloud!" I think it's wet enough up here now. Mind you, I'm not complaining (too much), at least it wasn't a Katrina. Or tornado.

O.K., down to business: Presidential rating--24% approval. Hmmm.....

TV--you have to be kidding!! Have you looked at what is on? The present offering is unbelievable! Almost every evening is pure junk until at least 8:00, most nights 9:00. I watched a re-run of Seinfeld tonight and following it was some offensively glitzy affair called "Oo will be the naixt grite American band?" Ya, another dippy show with an annoying british host....
You can avoid all this, of course, by watching "The War" on PBS. It's an oncore playing of a riviting show. Watch this to bring yourself back to the real world, but be aware, it shows just how insane this so-called 'intelligent' species really is......

What do you know? A new shelf in the bathroom! The old farmhouse still has a few opportunities for improvement. Peg found this unit on sale at Menards, and I put it up a couple of days ago.

This time of year has it's own kind of beauty. The poplars are yellow and a little green yet. They look nice against the bare birches. Soon all that will be left of colorful trees will be the intense green of the balsams in winter, and the wonderful yellow glow of the the tamaracks.

The big silver maple in the yard is one of the few trees nearby that still has colored leaves on it. These trees are only outlasted by the poplars. This pic is kind of out of focus, taken late afternoon today in case the leaves are gone before I get a good photo.

And for those of you who are already looking forward to spring, just kick back and imagine yourself in this cabin in Alaska... I guess that wouldn't be too hard to take!

____________Hey, carve that pumpkin, would ya???____________

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Anonymous said...

Another nice entry. Love the pictures. Nice looking shelf, Peggy. That old maple tree is a wonder. It is dark and rainy here today also. We need the rain tho.