Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
Ottertail South

October 6, 2007

Early October at the Lodge

Pictures need enlarging.... so click 'em!

Took a little air tour around the area last week. I think the colors were about peak brightness and it was a pleasant sight.

Here is an interesting example of blocks of hardwoods next to green areas. This is the case in most areas up here in the "sticks".

I'm not sure if this field is supposed to make a political statement or if it just happened to be shaped like that???? It's next to Little Chicago road just south of Phillips......

I thought this was an interesting mix of dark green and bright colored trees.

A good aerial view of the Ottertail, from the South.

A little nearer and lower. Not used to seeing that garage roof down there!!

Two deliveries at the Ottertail today. First, thanks to Ivan, our piano traveled from Peggy's house in Phillips to the dining hall of the Ottertail. I got the chance to play for about an hour today, felt good.......

Second delivery was a shirt that I ordered for Rosie. She needed a souvenir from Airventure '07 for one of her aqaintances in Brazil, Ricardo, who is crazy about flying and wants to get to Oshkosh one of these years. This was the only style Airventure shirt that EAA had in stock. I guess they pretty much sell out soon after Airventure.

Yup, gonna finish digging that wire trench to the garage. I could not find the old grub hoe that I remember being around here somewhere, but Peggy had this head in her garage. I bought a new handle and I got it fit to the head today.

Also bought a rain hood for the chimney. Got that put on Thursday evening, took the ladders off the roof and did a little shingle patching in the valley near the eaves on the north east corner of the roof. So a little clean-up of old shingles on the lawn and the roof work is done for the season. Peggy and I started building the dividing wall in the garage today. Will finish that tomorrow and maybe get the wire trench done. I plan on getting started bow hunting soon, just not sure when it will be. Soon, Ivan, soon.....

Here is a view out across the grounds of the Lodge area. We've had some unusually mild weather for this time of year and it seems like all the summer's rain is falling now....

_____________Hey, fly that aeroplane, would ya???_____________


yram said...

Fab fotos! wowee. Hey, I recognize that piano! On our way up to and back from Bear Island the leaves were amazing. Beautiful day here. Mix of blue water, blue sky, white thunderheads in the SE, colored leaves, yellowing phragmites and colored leaves. Makes for a great deal of eye candy!

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURES----I have a problem with my left hand and cannot use it, so this will be short. All sounds good,


Anonymous said...

That's a very nice Carlo!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures from the airplane !!!!! I wish I would have been with you! It must have been really cool up there.... Rosie