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May 16, 2008

Flying fun.

Sometime on Wednesday a dead Red Pine blew over in the wind and landed on the power lines! I called the number for this, described the situation and they said the "Vegitation crew" would assess the situation. Not having heard anything by Friday, I called again. This time they asked if the tree was on my land or not.


Then it's your responsibility to remove the tree.

How will I do that?

Hire a tree business.

If the lines went down, would I have to pay you to put them back up?

No, we maintain the lines, but your tree is interfering with our lines, you need to remove it......


Had a great night flying on Thursday. Actually, the "project from hell" caused me to take half a vacation day which I spent cleaning up some wiring on the plane, re-routing the power cable to the radio, vacuum cleaning the cockpit, washing down the exterior of the plane and a few related tasks.

Here's a shot of the mighty Marquip. Innocent enough from the outside....
And by the way, you do need to enlarge these pix.
One of the tasks I completed at the hangar was to get my radio working. Everything seemed to work O.K., except it seemed that I was not transmitting lately since no one answered my calls, even after I had just ansered theirs. So I did a little testing with the airport manager on his radio and finally narrowed it down to my having a switch on the intercom set to the wrong direction! Doh!!

And yet another view of Phillips.

The sunset was awesome. This is the first time I've flown this year without the doors on, so the pictures turned out better.

The narrows on Long Lake, just west of highway 13, visible from Harbor View.

Here is a cool view of the land bridges on highway W, about 2 miles west of Phillips. It's what divides Long Lake from Wilson Lake, both part of the Phillips chain.

Here's a view of the airport as you get ready to start an approach on runway '0"1.

I love flying!

Another shot of the sunset.

I love flying!



Anonymous said...

If you "double click" on the picture of "Marquip"... you can see my little white car, it's on the right side of the lot. You can also see some really lovely contrast in "nature's green colors" back behind the building.
The woods are truely coming alive with all variations of green. I love this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you love flying, Gene. Good job. The pictures taken from the plane are really clear and good.


yram said...

hey....really nice fotos! you have to get over this way and fly the bay.
sunset light really nice.

yram said...

oh gotta be kidding about the tree. what the hell?

Carlo said...

That tree on the lines has mysteriously disappeared!! How much wood could a woodchuck, chuck if a.........

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the e-vite to visit the site. There are some wonderf views from your lofty lodge. I saw you out and and flying high last week and you disappeared out into the sunset. I might just need to hitch a ride and snap a few photos too.

Carlo said...

Hey, Robert, getting a flight with me is no problem, just let me know that you want to go and I'll let you know when I'm going.....