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May 7, 2008

This is entertainment????

O.K., I'm going to vent a little. Maybe a lot....
I stopped at the pumphouse tonight to refuel, so please bear with me.

I turned on the telly at 7:40 to find the following. I don't know the letters of the networks, so I'm just giving the channel numbers...

07- Wausau-... Price is Right--- Wrong!!!.... this show would be marginal even if Bob were still on it. But Drew Carey???? DREW CAREY???? Why would anyone watch this boob squint away an hour playing some dizzy game? It's beyond me.






09- Wausau-... Super Nanny Has anyone seriously evaluated this tear-filled fiasco? What a crock!!! I just can't believe it's on, let alone have sponsors and an audience. Are we this pathetic that we can actually watch this crap...... Here is what Greg says about it.
"Another show I dislike is "Super Nanny," one of many shows on television to utilize a big adjective to make up for its less than stellar effect. This is a very similar show to "Nanny 911," "Fanny the Nanny," and of course "Killer Nanny From Outer Space." In "Super Nanny," a hired nanny -- in this case a super one with a British accent -- is brought in to fix a messed-up household. Unfortunately this nanny does not wear a cape, which makes the "super" aspect hard to understand. Second, any household that feels it is so broken that it needs to bring in a televised super nanny really just needs to start over. It's not hard: just rewind a few years when the decision to have kids first came up and change "Let's have kids" to "Let's make a sandwich." Granted, some needy network will probably pick up the show "Super Sandwich" to capitalize on this decision, but that concept would get boring after a couple of years of watching some big guy spread mustard on bread..."

Pass the mayo.....

12- Rhinelander-.. Deal or No Deal. TWO HOURS, I mean TWO HOURS OF THIS CRAP!!!!!
Who watches this garbage??? Who in hell is Howie what's-his-del, and why would we care? And they all pretend it's very serious, models and all.... Please, just shoot me.....






55- Wausau (Fox, so don't expect much)... Some drivel with Kelsey Grandma (sp?) and Ray's wife. Now here is a brilliant piece of drama. I'm surprised these "actors" actually stoop these levels just to get some money.
What, exactly, is the viewing public's fascination with this guy? I mean, have you actually watched "Frasier"? Imagine it without a laugh track.....

I would rather watch an eighth grade Christmas pageant than this sorry excuse. Oh, by the way, it's followed by american idol, like we need that. It even gets news headlines..... We're beyond hope if this is considered popular entertainment.....

I'm thinking of getting satellite so's I can watch South Park, Bill Maher and re-runs of old westerns.....
If you have any opinions or arguments about this evaluation, please let me know....

I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy and Gene,

How are you doing. I am fine with my new job.

Finally I decided for my marriage with "Deepthi" will be soon. May be in August or Sep. I will send you her picture very soon. About my new job for the last one month just learning new things. Thats all. No work.

Thanks Peggy and Gene.

Anonymous said...

The Price is Right? More like the Price is too high!Deal or No Deal? I say Noooo BINGO! And last but perhaps not the least, somebody please kiss the frog, please.


Anonymous said...

The Price is Right? More like the Price is too high!Deal or No Deal? I say Noooo BINGO! Oops I mean Super Nanny? More like Super Fanny!
And last but perhaps not the least, somebody please kiss the frog, please.

Anonymous said...

Karthik, how nice to hear from you.We are all looking forward to seeing the picture of your "intended". Congratulations to both of you. Hope things continue to go well in your new job. You will have to send wedding pictures too. Maybe we could post some here on the blog too, if you like.
Thanks for writing here. Now that you have made yourself known, others have been asking about you.

yram said...

yes, get satellite and then you can watch Nanny 911, Intervention (people with big problems getting video taped) and re-runs of I Love Lucy. I dare you!
Bill Maher might be worth it though. PBS is tolerable most of the time.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Gene, Get Satellite and watch Bill Mahr, etc. Send pictures of lilacs when they bloom. Lucy