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May 22, 2008

Later May

Quick update on "the tree". Amazing how much post mileage I can get out of one incident, hey? Onlyhow, I saw this spook up in the tree on day. Or is it some incarnation of Kokopelli? I can't say....

So here we are, all set for the felling. I hooked this rope to the tree so it could not head for the deck in the event the truck of the tree is too rotten and it is hard to control. I'm thinking now that if the tree decided to head South, the rope probably would not hold it. Hmmm....

So the tree hit the ground as planned and I cut it up. Doesn't seem like I'll be able to split it with the maul, I tried with no luck.
I went flying this evening, and I could have used a photographer on board. The poplar trees are such a luscious light green right now. The hardwoods are either in bud or with tiny leaves, a darker background for the almost luminous poplars. I got the chance to play fire pilot tonight!

This is not the fire I'm referring to, but a rubbish fire in the neighbor's field a couple of years ago. John took the photo. Anyway, there was a big smoke just west of Phillips this evening. I flew toward it, descended to about 600' above the ground and circled the burn. Looked like someone readying the land for clearing. As I circled the fire, I got into a bunch of wood smoke... just like I was working the forest fires out west. I wondered if everyone makes up junk like that when they're doing something. I bet they do, just don't admit it? Oh, well.
We're heading for Milwaukee for the weekend, will try to get some pics of Hailee and others.

The last couple of posts were done with the photos centered, making it so much easier to fit the text. I inadvertantly used the old 'left, right' method in this post, but I think I'll go back to the centered method.

It's been three years now since I started this blog. Who would have thought it would have lasted this long?

I gotta go, Carlo


yram said...

big old maple was big! thanks for the fotos. you oughta get a planecam! pointed towards the ground?
watched NBC news tonight which I usually like. story about the "fastest woman" driving her indy car. What crap when lots of us can't afford to drive to work! sheesh....rant on yram.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picturs. Sad to see the old maple go but that's life. Be careful flying. I know you won't unless I advise you about it!!!!!!! See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh how sad!! You know me, don't want any of the good things from childhood to go away! :( But, I see the point in not losing the deck which I greatly enjoy also!! Glad you managed it safely. ~Rosie

Anonymous said...

Nice jorb Carlo!!! And thanks for all your help on Friday. It was and is GREATLY appreciacted. Take care dude.

Anonymous said...

GREATLY appreciated too!!! :-)

Carlo said...

Oh, yeah... I had a good time up there. By the way, Ivan and crew are building a new hunting lodge in the Wintergreen Lake area. I'm not sure why they are building such a small one, but what the heck. I'm wondering about the new name..... Wintergreen Lodge???

Anonymous said...

Nope I think will still call it
Da Hackett Shack


Anonymous said...

we'll probably cal it da hackett shack too!! or two.