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May 13, 2008

Spring? Kind of.....

Spring is SLOWLY making it's way into northern Wisconsin. The flowering crab on the south lawn is starting to show a little lavender tinge, a harbinger of the intense blossoming period. Some years it looks like a giant, glowing, intensely purple dandelion about to lose it's fluff.

The lawn looks quite green, I haven't mowed yet and don't want to with gas at $3.80 something up here..... sheesh.

The big silver maple in the yard is covered with these little pointy leaves. Soon the seeds will start forming, the leaves will stop growing, and the tree will be covered with thousands of little straw colored whirligigs. They will drop and cover the lawn til it's green, the leaves will re-awaken and things will be back to normal.

The first blooms have arrived, four tulips! It's still been quite chilly, with frost every morning, so things are taking their time. The poplar trees are quite green in the woods, the birch across the drive is covered with light green, tiny leaves.

Found another wood bicycle! These things are way cool, in my book. Well that's about it for this update, what's happening in your world???

I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Well, can anyone give us any updates as to what the trees/flowers are doing in your backyard? Any special birds around? Anything special going on in your lives? Please feel free to share with all of us.
Happy day. ps

Anonymous said...

Soooo you want to know what the birds and the trees are up to in my backyard uh..? even if I knew what they were up to I probably wouldn't understand them.
Have HAPPY day!!! :-)