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Ottertail Country
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May 10, 2008


Not much going on around the Ottertail right now. Received this photo in an email recently. It says on the bottom "Human Statue of Liberty, 18,000 officers and men at Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa. The complete story is here,
and states "Many examples of Mole's patriotic photographs in true perspective still exist. Pay close attention to the way spatial depth and perspective is defied. As in the Statue of Liberty there are twice as many men in the flame of the torch as in the rest of the design." It's worth checking out.

Now here is an adventurous soul... hanging on the edge of a huge drop, it appears.

It's on the edge of Victoria falls, in Zimbabwe. I googled the falls and it looks like an amazing place. Reminded me of the photos that Rosie brought back from Brazil. A huge falls they visited in, ?? maybe Paraguay? Where was it, Rose?

Here is another of those lovely wooden bicycle frames. It would be fun to fabricate one of these, but looks like a lot of work for something to look at.

The comment on the last post by Karthik reminded me of the garage party last year. Most to Marquip's India folks were there and by now only Muruga's and Kumeravel's families are left. Joselin and Anita are still here for a couple of weeks, but will be leaving for good then.

Karthik (in this photo), I really need to ask you about your blog!!! You said you were going to start one but you have not sent me the link.....

By the way, 3year anniversary is just around the corner......

I gotta go, Carlo


Carlo said...

Karthik, send me your email address, O.K.?


yram said...

I like the wooden bikes. can't ride them huh? think i will get a bike to ride to work. Frogs singing everynight!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Gene. Thanks. Put in some pictures of the jonquils, etc.


Carlo said...

Maybe you can ride the bikes, they are single speed (I'm guessing) and any additions would seriously detract from the visual effect.

Will get pix of the flowers-blossoms as they occur.

Anonymous said...

It looks as though the jonquils are done blooming... from what it looks like now anyway. We had another frost last night, so it may "finish them off" even if they weren't done blooming.
Hope everyone had a splendid Mother's day. We just sat and "putzed"... it was wonderful. Have a nice week all.