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December 8, 2008

Just stuff.....


The snow has started.... it's also been quite cold up here! Highs in the teens. I don't mind winter too much, but it could at least get well into the 20's during the day.

It's always amazing how fast wood can dis-appear! As you can see, the snow on the roof of the boiler is not melting, so it must have good insulation inside. I like that.

By now, that first row of wood is about 1/3 gone. Hope the pile lasts all winter.

The house chimney is pouting. It has nothing to put forth and that's just fine with me.

On the other hand... or roof.... the lodge chimney shows that the weather is fine indoors.

I may have used this one before, but it is so good for demonstrating this anamorphic artform. This chalk drawing appears to show a 3-D globe with a little dude on top. But this is how it looks only from a specific vantage point. Below you see the same drawing from the right side and it is drawn flat on a sidewalk. The guy looks so small because of how far up the sidewalk he actually is.

So this is the basis for all the chalk drawing illusions by Julian Beever (and others). They are drawn flat, to be viewed from a specific spot to appear as 3-D objects. Cool.
Here is a link to an explanation of anamorphic art and you'll find some good links there.

At this point, I again run the risk of repeating myself. I'm including this link to a short story I came up with several years ago. I still like it, give it a look.

I gotta go, Carlo



yram said...

Really nice picture of the house sans maple tree. Wow...looks so weird.
Is the house super warm? Do you hafta open windows to cool off?
I wish I had one of those stoves. Always did.

Carlo said...

Here's the scoop....
We still have a thermostat, so the real difference is that we don't hear the burner unit blowing fuel oil into the furnace, cause it's not! I occasionally turn it up and it easily gets 70° in here, but that just seems too warm. Also the cold temps make me want to keep it lower as the stove just burns more wood faster to keep the house warm, and I'm stingy with the wood. If I knew it was going to last through, I might keep it warmer. I'm not sure what would happen if we turned the thermo to 80. I'm sure the circulator would run constantly, not sure if hydronic base units can transfer heat fast enough to get the house up to 80. It certainly would if we had forced air..... I'll give that a try someday when it's 25° outside. I'll let you know.....