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Ottertail Country
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December 26, 2008

Late December


Turkeys seem to be everywhere! They are tracking the place up like never before.

Here you can see some tracks and wing marks of a roof walking turkey....

And another one here.

This photo is nice enlarged....

We got the tree up on the Friday before Christmas. Now it's time to get it down and out again.

Vacation has been better since my cold disappeared. Had the 'opportunity' to plow the road a few times, put wood in the boiler twice a day, keep the lodge warm and spend some time out there, as well. But the time is flying by and my vacation will turn back to suffering through days at work.... go figure.

I gotta go, Carlo


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Anonymous said...

The tree looks so pretty. How did Hailee like it??? Can you shoot some of the turkeys?? Is there a season??