Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
Ottertail South

December 28, 2008

Vacation looking better.....


On December 28th I got the plane out, fired it up and got ready for some fun.

All indications were good, light winds, unlimited visibility, unlimited ceiling, full gas tank, eager pilot. 'Nuff said....

Here is Phillips in the grips of winter.

And the Phillips Chain running to the Southwest. Just look at all the lovely ice, just waiting for an airplane to be flying 5 or 6' above the ice.

Ice fishing villages were in evidence.

And that lovely land bridge area on Highway W.

I took a trip down around the Ottertail and to the southeast from there. I could see the tops of the hills around the Timm's Hill tower. The tree tops were frosty and the sun was making them shine. The hill country is always so interesting in the winter. On my way back, I noticed that the sun was reflecting off the cranberry bogs at Cranberry Lake. Those bogs have provided nice photos in all seasons of the year.

A welcome sight, as I was getting cold after 1 hr. 50 min. of flying in 20° weather.

The sunset developed quickly and this is how it looked as I was touching down.

And a few more views of the sky while I was driving home.


Suitable for a post about flying. Notice how far back the people are standing. That's because the wings are drawn flat on the sidewalk and extend that far away. This artist definitely must have a twisted up brain......



Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. Looks so cold for flying in that plane. You are a brave soul.


Anonymous said...

It's always amazing seeing the town from up above looking down! It's actually kinda pretty during winter!


yram said...

Really nice shots. I love that land bridge. Sure wish we could do a winter fly over on Green Bay. Would be a kick sometime, no?

Carlo said...

If there were to be a spell of 2-3 days of nice weather on a weekend, that would be a possibility. Otherwise, I really would like to get over there this spring....