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December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving, phase 1


We went to Milwaukee on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We got into our room and then headed for Mag's new digs on the 6th floor of the Shorecrest. The apartment faces Lake Michigan, just up the bluff from the lakeshore.

Here's a good view to the South, overlooking the Port of Milwaukee in the background, and the marina in the foreground.

A little farther west and you can see some of the lakefront grounds and the Hone bridge in the backgound.

About straight out is one of the big breakwaters just to the north of the port.

And just to the north a bit you look out over a nice little neighborhood.

These two seem to hit it off really well.

I had not seen Cindy for quite a few years.

Franny getting a little help from Peggy.

Getting the table ready.

Final preparations for the Thanksgiving feast. It's smelling really good in here, I'm really hungry and I'm going to sample the food..... You will find more in the next post....



Anonymous said...

Beautiful sights and smells everywhere. The view from the apartment really was or night...and the creativity within the apartment was pretty amazing too. The entire trip was wonderful. Thanks to all, but mostly to Margaret for hosting the entire weekend. You really outdid yourself.... but we all sure appreciate your hard work...

yram said...

waaaaaaaa...i missed it. Looks lovely though. The digs look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. Always welcome. Have you put up a tree for xmas yet??