Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
Ottertail South

October 12, 2009

Color Tour


I thought I had better put these on here ASAP, as now the scenery is mostly covered in new, bright white snow!! I'll hold those pics a while...... so here is a little tour around the Ottertail area, showing the woods in unabashed grandeur.

The morning sky is occasionally brilliant red, as was the case last week. Finally, a reason to get up before sunrise....

A couple of upcoming posts will include the "Grand Island Adventure" from Yram and maybe some photos of that wonderful snow!!

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

I wish the colors could have stayed until Lucy and Muriel got here, and I wish the snow could have held off, so they could get here. Sounds like they will arrive tomorrow. Safe travels ladies. I'm sure we'll jear all about the lovely visit that they just had with Yram and Johnnie.
Anyone need some pies? Might have to send one home with Lucy, if there is a call for it.
We have about an inch and a half of snow on the deck now. ugh... But, on the good side, we started the wood fire up a couple of days ago. Such a pleasant smell.
Happy winter to all...

Anonymous said...

Whoops... found a typo too late.. We'll all "HEAR" all about.... the lovely visit. Got to practice my typing skills...

Sixteen degrees this morning... and everything is peaceful, and white. the trees, everything. Just lovely.
Have a great day everyone.
hugs ps

yram said...

looks like you had more color than we did although the ladies traversing the state today can give us an update! snow on the ground here in marinette this morning and ice on 410 DUZ.

Anonymous said...

That plate sure is fitting. We still have the old gun in the corner, with the ammo still on the shelf. I wonder if any of the little critters will dare show their faces when Lucy's around. :)
They had better not.
Sure was fun last night. Had swedish pancakes for supper, baked 2 apple pies, chatted a bit, played cards, and ate apple pie. What could be better than that. Oh, by the way, don't bother asking Lucy and Gene what kind of cards they had... it wasn't pretty... but Muriel and I had a ball. :)
So glad you both made the trip.
Off to work now.
Hugs to all. ps

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing all of the fall colors. Makes me wish I was up north to see them in person.