Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
Ottertail South

October 4, 2009

Early autumn.


From a few weeks ago, some trees turning colors but that south lawn area is just plain GREEN....

O.K., just a couple more of those overhead shots of the wood piles. They are just too cool to leave unpublished...

And a view of the house that you don't normally see.

Kind of a nice contrast between the remaining apples and the gradually changing silver maple tree. Another view from the shed roof.

That firewood project also yielded some firewood for the Lodge.

We're not the only ones fond of the flowering crab tree. Here's evidence that the sapsuckers (or whatever did this) like the tree as well.

A hint of autumn in the Ottertail area surroundings.

Late season blooms.

Laughing in the face of the approaching winter, I guess......

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the early autumn pictures. Hope there is some color left when Muriel and I get up there.


yram said...

I love the susans and yes...they are reveling in the waning sunbeams.

What an exposure to the north...makes me cold. are you going to plant anything? of course, with that furnace you can forget about that north wind!

Don't fall off the roof! I speak from is not fun.