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October 14, 2009

Grand Island Adventure


Hey, we have received a guest article from a loyal reader, Yram.... thanks a bunch! By the way, Yram, the map image you sent I could not get work, so I pasted in an image from Google Earth. You need to double click that one, it's beautiful.

John and I decided to go on adventure a couple weeks ago mostly because the weather and wind forecast was favorable. We chose Grand Island near Pictured Rocks because that spot is only about 2 hours from Marinette and the scenery is fabulous.

We arrived in Munising and inflated, loaded, and prepared for sail (metaphorical) in our Zodiac at a small harbor where kayaks put in and the ferry for Grand Island loads and off loads. It was a beautifully warm and sunny day and the water was calm. Great zodiac boating day!

We motored to Trout Bay which is the big bay on the NE side of the island. There is a very small and private campsite (private meaning the only campsite in that area) about half way down the bay that is used mostly by kayakers and ZODIACS! It is first come first serve. We pulled up on the cobble beach and made camp. Making camp was not as easy as it sounds…had to climb a steep bank and use a park service installed rope for added support!

Needless to say, no pain no gain. Just look at the view we were rewarded with from the rocky shelf on which we spent most of our time. Just delightful.

We spent a wonderful day and night at this premier campsite just a couple hours from home thanks to our faithful Zodiac. That boat has seen some water! Not sure how long it is for the world of buoyancy.

Sunday morning we decided to take the long way back to the mainland and went west and south to circumnavigate the island. The views on the north side of the island are just amazing. The beach by the lighthouse is one of the best I have seen outside of California.

Hit a nasty chop on the west and southwest sides. Nasty and uncomfortable although not life threatening…just bumpy! Not so nice for OLD people.

One more shot of the big Gitch and if you look closely, you can see John in the middle of the picture and under the cliff. He took a couple jumps off the cliffs! Water was cold but tolerable. He is a maniac!

Saw this bit of very odd Americana on our way home. Hmmmmm….??

And once home saw this Kingfisher sitting on the neighbors mast.



Carlo said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that photo with the weird image at the center, then the text confirmed it....
Anyway, isn't that a nice google earth image of the island, Yram?

I gotta go, Carlo

yram said...
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yram said...

That is a splendid view of the island. Lake Superior is just a gem and it is right in our cool is that! The camp site we used was on the far right of bid bay on the north. Spectacular place.
We had a couple bluebirds pass through yesterday on their way to winter grounds. The stopped to check out the bluebird house. Perhaps wanting to make reservations for next year?

Anonymous said...

Sure looks gorgeous! May have to try and make it up there sooner than later!


mary carlson said...

Fun reliving rhat trip!