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October 18, 2009

We're visited by snow and Lucy!!


A couple of weeks ago Peggy's cousins from Continental, Ohio, drove up to Phillips to visit Aunt Donna and cousins. Here is Peggy with Michele. When we did our motorcycle adventure to Connecticut, we stopped in Continental to visit Michele and Steve.

Here is Steve, Michele, Peggy and Donna. We also visited their cabin near the Michigan/Ohio border on our way back up from Muncie, Indiana. These are good people and always fun to be around!!!

A week ago last Saturday, we got our first snow. A little early, and it stuck around for a few days on the North side of the house. Leaves were still pretty colorful when this happened.

Then on Monday last, we got an official snow! About 3 inches of the stuff, but it only lasted about two days and then it was melted.

Even though we had some sunny weather after the snow, it only got into the mid 30's for daytime highs. That Monday was the day Lucy and her sister Muriel were to drive to our house from Mary and John's in Marinette, but they put it off for a day because of the bad weather.

Looks pretty official, if you ask me.

We coerced Lucy into making Swedish pancakes on Tuesday evening. I paid close attention, did the batter mixing, watched the technique and now I am officially able to make and serve these tasty things. A new offering at the Ottertail Lodge??? Hey, Greg, I'll make some for you if you show up......

Yeah, this is the real deal.

And guess what? Peggy made some apple pies!!
Lucy and Muriel went on Wednesday to visit Russell Mattson in the morning, then to Lillian Dickinson's after that. While there, Muriel fell ill with extreme dizziness and upset stomach. She ended up in Medford Hospital with an inner ear problem, but things improved and she is O.K. now.

So that evening we had our dinner sans Muriel. Rosie was in the area so she cashed in on the dinner of Canadian walleye fillets done in a beer batter containing Molson (a first rate Canadian beer), baked potatoes, salad, and pie for desert.

Oh, that fish was yummy!!

On Thursday, I got out of work early, went to the grocery and got ingredients for a spaghetti supper. Lucy had invited her friends, Mary and Nancy, to visit and Norm had come up to pick up Muriel's bags, so he joined us for dinner.

Lucy left for Milwaukee on Friday morning. I decided to go to work a little late, and Ma and I had coffee and breakfast together. It was really nice to have her here......



Anonymous said...

It was sure nice to have Steve and Michelle come to town! A fun time was had by all!

Apple pies, swedish pancakes, and Canadian walleye - mummm! A feast for king (or queen)!


Anonymous said...

Greetings: It was truly as scrumptious as it looks. We had a nice time despite Muriel's illness. She is doing well now and will see her regular doctor in Hartford on Wed. of this week.


Anonymous said...

Dinner was awesome, Dad and Peggy! :) And I NEED some of those Swedish pancakes sometime when I'm up there!!! It was really really good to see Grandma, too :) ~Rosie

yram said...

ooooh...those pancakes look perfect. We had Lucy meatballs! It is always hard to decide what to ask Lucy to make!
Beautiful day here.