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June 7, 2007


Well, the big storm (if there was one) missed us and the garage is still here.

Tonight I finished mowing the lawn. Peg had started it on Tuesday and we've been busy since. It was pretty long... We picked up the rest of the building materials that had been on pallets outside and put them in the garage, so the yard is quite back in shape.

I picked up my brush cutter from Craig tonight. It had a problem and wouldn't run right, but he got it fixed. When I got home, I carried 6 or 7 bundles of shingles up the ladder to the roof. Only six more to go!!! I hate shingles.....
We're heading out Saturday morning for Marinette. Relaxing for two days!!

I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Glad that all the storms missed your bldg. project. I heard on TV this morn that Stevens Point had 4 1/2 inch hail. See you all Sat at Mary and John's home on the sea.


yram said...

okay...hiatus over. POST