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June 23, 2007

Saturday, June 23rd

I had a decidedly non-productive week. Monday, feeling under the weather, I got to work at 9:00.... felt tired out and wimpy all week, did no work at home. I took a nap each day after work, then watched TV and went to bed.... sheesh....

Thursday evening I napped and then got out of the house at 7:00 and mowed most of the lawn. Finished the lawn on Friday eve and then hauled the overhead doors from the shed to the garage and got ready for a weekend of work.

The first photo shows the entry doors are installed. The second shows the frightful box of parts for the overhead doors, complete with a 20 PAGE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!!!! This one shows the door panels for one overhead door waiting to be installed. Seeing as it takes 7-9 hours (according to the book), I decided to work on the soffits instead.

Inside looking out.... This morning I got onto the roof at 7:30 and worked until 11:00 when the shingles were starting to get soft. Then I put in the entry doors and looked at the overheads, and started to work on the soffits. I got back on the roof at 6:10 and worked until 7:50. This allowed me to get almost 2/3 of the east side done!! I hate shingles, shingle nails, tarpaper, roofing nails, chalklines, etc., etc.....

So I'm hoping to get on the roof tomorrow morning at 6:00 and if I don't get it done by 11:00, I can finish it in late afternoon when the roof cools. I WILL GET IT DONE this weekend!! Then I just have to finish the soffit work, and get the overhead doors intalled, then the party happens......
Ya, hoo!!

Later, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Great job, Gene and Peggy. The bldg. looks wonderful. You both must be tired out.


yram said...

looks like i could come and live there. what is the rent????
why is there a wheelchair next to the obnoxious word verification???

Carlo said...

Rent is only $300/mo.

click on the wheelchair and find out..... :-)