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June 28, 2007

Mid-week, dude.

Monday was a sick day. Felt really lousy at work, went home early and slept. Must have been a flu bug....

Tuesday was some better and we went to meet a motorcyclist friend for supper after work. We biked over to 73-8 intersection just west of Hawkins, the place was closed so we went to Happy Daze near Kennan. Had some really good Mexican food, chit chat for a while and a bike ride home through Hiway "O" (useta was 86)

Wednesday was O.K., except for work is not my favorite way to spend a Wednesday... not at Marquip, anyway. When I got home I built the two remaining soffit returns and got all the frieze molding put up on the second half of the building. Now come the soffit panels and aluminum fascia. Should get a good start on that tonight and finish up on Saturday. Then I can read the TWENTY PAGE instructions for the overhead doors and get started on that.

My airplane needs it's annual condition inspection before it can be flown starting July 1st. I took the repairman course last fall, so now I just need to get the forms tailored to my needs and do the inspection. Maybe Sunday????

I gotta go, Carlo

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys should have a vacation soon. I drove down to Liz's this aft. Kate, Pauline and I went grocery shopping about 6:00 this eve. Such a job and the stores are so big. There will be big fireworks down by the lake this eve. for the opening night of Summer Fest. They will be on one of the local TV stations and I will watch in HD. Lucy

yram said... the plane in repair? Have you gotten to it yet? August will be a great month to fly on over!