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June 1, 2007

Friday update:

So... I did stay home from work today. I started in on finishing the nailing of the fascia boards that Peg and I put in place the previous evening. Seemed to take forever, moving ladder, up-down, yadda, yadda..... Here Peg caught me in action as I was putting in the official truss spacing 2x4's. I did this with a 100' tape stretched along the ridge so as not to accumulate error along the way.

When I reached the opposite end, I needed to pull in the flying gable rafter about 3/8", which also straightened out the fascia board on the north end..... and made the roof the correct overall length for maximum shingle usage/least waste. It may work, I'll let you know.

I was working alone today, and managed to get the rest of the 2x6 fascia attached to the building, then did the truss spacing as described above. Then I put on 8 sheets of wall plywood on the corners of the building. This would prevent the walls from changing shape and collapsing with the weight of all the plywood going on the roof. Peg made it home today about 3:00 and helped with the spacing project, then lifted 7 sheets of plywood up to where I could grab them from my perch on the trusses. We got those sheets placed, spaced and nailed down by about 7:00. We started on the roof plywood by 5:00 and now have a sequence of how to go about things, so it should go faster tomorrow. Also, Ivan will be coming down in the morning to help, bless his soul......

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Anonymous said...

Great work!!! Can't believe how fast this is progressing. Send some pictures of the peonies when they bloom. Liz has a lot of them in her flower beds also.