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June 3, 2007

Sunday report

Not a big day of work here. We got up about 7:30 this morning to try to get the tarpaper on the roof. First, I had to snap chalklines on the gable ends of the roof and saw the plywood flush with the outer fascia board. Then we put the drip edge on the two eave sides of the roof.

We were ready to start the paper (Peg had cut some 20 foot pieces so as not to have to handle the whole role on the roof) and I went for the staples. Could not find a box of staples in the miscellaneous box! I scrounged around and found a very partial box and we started in. Today was also Peg's mom's birthday workday, so she had to leave about 11:30 to go to Phillips. I ran out of staples shortly thereafter so I called Swede and he had a bunch that I could have. Got them and continued. I was hoping to get the roof all covered as it was supposed to rain today, and as I was putting the last row of paper on the first side, it started to sprinkle. I cut a piece that would lap over the last row, go over the ridge and cover the highest plywood joint on the second side of the roof. I got that stapled down as it started to rain for real. Six days in a row for rain.... drought, anyone??? So I quit on the roof, moved stuff in the garage so the last three dripping plywood joints would do the least damage, and headed for the shower and Phillips. Everyone was working away when I got there(3:00), and they had eaten dinner at 12:30. So I got a plate and fixed myself a lunch, and it was good. I washed up the dishes I had used for lunch and then headed to the TV room at the end of the house. The official task list had been finished, so I didn't feel too bad about this. It was darker in that room and, of course, I fell immediately asleep. For an hour. I'm finishing the day by doing nothing but having a vodka gimlet while reclining in the living room chair.... Adios....

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Anonymous said...

wut, ain't ya duein nutun no more on da garage? Or iz ya two tired ta blog?