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June 3, 2007

Saturday shenanigans....

Peggy is working on putting in the last row of plywood pieces (17.5" wide)to close up the ridge. Ivan was down here for a while this morning, then we got rained out. He had to go to a relative's birthday, so Peg and I were on our own after lunch. Peg worked in the garage to lift and push the 4'x8' plywood pieces up to where I could reach them from up on the roof. This means she had to lift them up an push them up above her head and hold there while I got a good enough grip on them to hoist them the rest of the way up. She did nearly 40 sheets of it!!!

And she's still smiling after all that.....

We placed the rest of the plywood, put in a few nails in each, then I went around with the pneumatic nailer and nailed it all down.

This is the nailer, it runs on compressed air from the compressor down in the garage.

Here's a different view of the house and yard!

And here's that veiw again from the upstairs window. When I finished the nailing at 6:45 this evening, I told Peg that I was too pooped to do the tarpaper this evening, it would have to wait. I hope the rain holds of tomorrow till we get it covered.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You must be sooooo tired. Maybe you can find some easy tasks at Donna's today. Have fun.

Love, Lucy

Anonymous said...

If the nailer runs on compressed air, then what does the compressed air run on, wind perhaps? Or maybe it runs on batteries? Oh waitt it might be electricity, but then what does that run on, coal or water perhaps, but then what does that run on? Oh well you probably get my drift by now, and I've drifted a long ways, so have a HAPPY day!!