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May 26, 2007

Da Floor, Volume 3

So far, so good.... all concrete is in the forms, trucks are gone, pizza's in the oven and time to relax a little.

Thanks a bunch, Chuck. I hear word that you are going to pour a slab next year. Let me know and I'll come and help.

Ah, yes, Mr. History himself, here's Swede. All the photos in the two previous posts were by Swede. He also did some videos that are pretty cool, except for when he was laughing as I was almost being clobbered by the truck's chute......

Thanks a bunch, Greg. Greg is the only guy I've ever seen show up in shorts for a concrete pour... Whatever works, I guess.

Ivan and Tom took care of the mini-slabs while the pizza's were cooking.

Tom starts working around the edges. Thanks a bunch for your help, Tom. I'll get even somehow....

Time for some pizza and beer.

It takes a lot of trucks to get concrete down.

This old silver maple is quite a tree. Hope it last many more years.....

O.K., time to get on those knee boards and scrub that crete. Ivan and Tom are starting the hardest part of the job..... I love you guys.....

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Anonymous said...

And we LOVE YOU!!! but not in an unusual way, if yano wut aye meen..
;-) HavAHapeeDay!!