Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
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May 26, 2007

Spring at the Ottertail......

Here are a few shots of the yard at Ottertail. These were from a few weeks ago, in the middle of spring blossoming time. The lilacs outdid themselves this year.


Anonymous said...

These picturs are truly beautiful.
Rainy day in Milwaukee and these are helping to cheer me up.


otterwoman1 said...

They really are lovely aren't they. Maybe you need to take a "road trip" to see them in person. Lucy :) Please feel free to come on back anytime you like.

I have been watering the Hibiscus (sp?)) plant, and that is still alive... no flowers...but still green at least.

The Orchid that Litzy gave you has sent out 2 new shoots and it looks as though there will be a couple of flowers on one of them... I'm so excited. We'll get pictures on here if/when they actually bloom...
I keep hoping that I hear a big truck driving in...
more later.
love ps