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May 27, 2007

It's Memorial Day weekend.

There. I'm caught up with posting!!

Here we are on the morning following the pour. The slab looks great, I wish we had materials....

I spent a few hours leveling the fill on the North side of the slab, hauling some rocks and chunks of concrete overflow over to the west side of the slab where we will have to do some more fill and backsloping to prevent washout from rain.

I also pulled the forms off the slab and the sidewalk blocks.

I got all the form boards de-nailed, crete cleaned off them and loaded Ivan's boards onto the top of my truck for return.

It rained later in the afternoon, and I took this shot from the upstairs West room. I'm getting to like this angle for pictures....

It's Sunday of Memorial weekend. I'm waiting patiently for the delivery truck.... It's still completely overcast, windy and about 48° at 11:00A.M. Peg is gone to Rib Lake to pick up a few last minute supplies for the work that is about to commence. Last evening we went to Ivan's to pick up the windows that someone had left in his garage. I can't believe how generous people have been with their time and goodies... A big "thank you!" to all who have contributed in some way or another.


Otterwoman1 said...

I have to agree. Our friends have been most generous. I hope that someday we have a chance to replay them in kind..(or any other way we can) :)

It is getting exciting now.. we just "located" the doors and windows on the "blueprints" this morning... I believe that they were the final decisions we needed to make before we start building..
NOW.... if the materials will just get here. We were really hoping that they would have arrived Friday afternoon (in a perfect world) :) but here it is Sunday afternoon, and still nothing. We are expecting them today... (Friday was just a "pipe dream" of mine. ) But, even though we have no materials.... we still have wonderful generous friends... and that's the best thing ever.

Yes, we did get some flowers and planted them in the box for the cemetary.

I hope everyone has a happy, safe, and thoughtful Memorial Day..

Anonymous said...

The slab looks good and hope your material arrives soon for your sake!! Really enjoying all the pictures.