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Ottertail Country
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May 15, 2007

May 15th

It's late, just got home from Rhinelander's Menard store.... We ordered our garage materials for delivery next week. Also got some sealer for the concrete to help guard against damage from salt from winter roads. Now I have a headache. Bills and work piling up here!

But that's not what I'm here to tell you about. I'm going to play catch-up now and try to get you current with the events of the last few weeks. Here's a start- double click those photos.....

After deciding on a garage size, we staked it out and ran a cool orange flourescent mason line aroung the perimiter. Then I staked out where the over head doors would be. We parked two vehicles in approximate location.

Looking at it from the front, you can see the area on this end that will become Peg's project storage/work room. It's the large rectangle closest to the camera. There will be a wall across the garage at that point. The next smaller recatangle of string was just to get an idea of how much space is taken up by stored motorcycles and trailers.....

I went down to the chicken coop and dug out what planks I had that would work for form boards. I'll need to get a couple from Ivan, but we should have what we need. We are ready for fill to get hauled in!!

Sometime last week I fashioned a new floor for the trailer. It's two layers of 3/4" treated plywood. It's strange not to have to watch for holes in the floor while walking on the trailer deck.

I sawed a bunch of stakes for holding forms. Some are quite long as there is about 24" of fill at the southwest corner of the slab. I made too many stakes, but will use some for laying out the elevations on Ottertail Landing Strip.

Here's a cool looking cloud that cruised through the other day. It wasn't in the area long, but it sure was dark.

It's getting to look alot like spring now. I'll put in some pix of all the blossoms in the yard. I have mowed the lawn twice now....



yram said...

haha...we have only mowed once. Unfortunately, we have not had enough rain to make the grass grow.
As I write, a squall is moving through bringing gale force winds. Bizarro land here. The bay looks like a washing machine!
Lots of migratory birds here. Sandhill Crane landed between us and the lake. First one that has been right here. Oriole at the feeder and lots of new warblers. What a wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

Your project is really moving along fast. Keep sending pictures of your progress.