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May 23, 2007

Da Floor, Volume 1

Thanks to Swede, we have a ton of nice photos of the concrete pour. I enticed him to the work site with the promise of a lawn chair, a cooler of Miller High Life in bottles and my digital camera. Here is his documentary.....

Yaa, Hoo!!! The first truck is coming down the driveway!

I think I was a little nervous about the whole thing, I mean now we have 18 cubic yards of concrete on the way, no turning back now, I hope it goes O.K.....

The truck's chute could just reach the farthest corner without driving on the re-bar. So far, so good.....

We worked our way across the whole end, pulling up the re-bar as we went so it ended up well up into the crete.

Here is a good shot of most of the end. From left to right we have Chuck Hueckman, Ivan, Carlo and Greg Barr. I feel most lucky to get a good crew of enough guys to pull this off. Not to mention the historian under the silver maple tree....

Stiking off the concrete (pulling a 2x4 across the mess, using a sawing action) got the surface level with the forms and made it ready to use the bull float on it. That makes the crete surface very level and quite smooth, making it ready to finish with the trowels.

O.K., that's enough photos for the first post. I'm not sure what we'll see next, just enjoy the photos (double click 'em).

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