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Ottertail Country
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May 17, 2007

Here comes the dirt!!

Well, the whole thing started on May 1, Tuesday. The weight limits were taken off the roads the day before.

Ya gotta like those 10x zooms.... I took this photo while standing under the silver maple in the yard! It's Alan Granberg bringing the first of the "sandy pit run" for the fill under the slab.

It's a big truck and it hauls 15 cubic yards of whatever. Even while it was on the driveway the tires sunk in a little. When he backed onto the lawn to start spreading the load, the wheels sank about three inches.

Here's a good shot of the first load ready to be worked.

Just another angle....

Here's how it looked at the end of the day. We had ordered three loads and after working it a while with the tractor, it was obvious that another load was needed. I called Allan that night and ordered another load for the next day.....

I knew that if we were going to grade this fill acurately and set forms, I was going to need a water level. I couldn't find the one I had made years ago, so I got the tubing required and set to work making a new one. It works just fine....

I'll show you the grading process next time......
I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

hey dude, at this rate you ain't never gunna git dat gur rahg done. You better be fixun on her reeun up or da snoe bawlz ul be hittun ya in da ahhs. Have HAPPY day dude!! And let me know when yaz needz sum help...mmmkay.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Keep on sending them. Are the leaves all out up there now??'


yram said...

what the hay is the tubing etc regarding water? is it something like john sez...water seeks its own level or some such nonsense?
Explain the water level stuff. Beautiful here tonight. warm, pelicans, egrets and lots of redwings and frogs. cool stuff