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May 14, 2007

Fresh start!

For some unknown reason my blog periodically starts losing photos. That has occured once again, so this is another attempt to preserve the log that I have been posting to for the past two years (well, nearly....)

So, on with the show. Let's start with the re-issue of the post that lost the pix..... I think I will limit each post to a maximum of a dozen photos, so this first one will be in two installments. Here we go....

It's spring and one needs to go fishing. I went to Cranberry lake about a week ago. The weather had been great, the fish were biting, so we decided to go after work. Of course, as soon as the biosphere was aware that it was me that was going, the weather changed. Cloudy, windy and it got colder.

Chuck, Porcupine and I headed out. That's Porcupine in the first photo. We got no bites and in short order I became restless and headed toward the first of many islands. It was the first time I had been on the lake this year and it looked really nice.

This area is full of little inlets and holes in the bog. A great place to catch monster bluegills at this time of year, except today the fish were not active. I decide to move on......

Cool looking cattails were everywhere. Some look like roasted marshmallows. Speaking of marshmallows, Ivan was heading out to the lake a little later, so we would watch for him.

This is the west side of the first island in the big bay. It looks completely different on each side. This side was really pretty in the bright greens. I headed north, through the narrows and through the islands on the east side of the big lake.

I paddled through stringer bay and headed into the little backwater areas on the north end. When the weather is right, this can be a killer area for 'gills. None today......

Please see next post for conlusion.....

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