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May 31, 2007

Thursday update.

Here is the way it looked when Ivan and I quit last night. Good to have all the rafters up..... And seeing those flying gables done was particularly nice!!

I'ld say it's starting to look like a party!!!

Today I got home about 2:45 and I was on my own. I decided to fix up the very peak of the flying gables before starting on the fascia board. I was having a hard time deciding how to hold it all together up there until the plywood deck went on the roof, and finally settled on a 3/4" thick plywood boomarang in each top joint.

Then I put in the last cross 2x4 just at the ridge. It took two hours to accomplish that!! Lot's of up and down ladders, moving ladders, etc., not to mention the copius amounts of cogitation required.

It really starts to look like a roof when the 2x6 fascia goes on and hides the rafter tails and defines the entire roof line. I was able to get the horizontal ones on via a jig that I made that would hold one end of the board at the approximate height, then I could work from the other end and get things right.

I think I'm having fun, and maybe getting used to doing some work for a change.... I may stay home from work on Friday. The weather sounds like it should be pretty good, and I would like to take advantage of that. I have about 1/2 of the fascia on, a couple hours should finish that. Then plywood roof decking, and tarpaper!!! No more water inside the building after that.....

Later, Carlo

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carlo,
The building is looking good. I can't make it down there again today, but I will call you and maybe we can work on it real early Saturday morning, if you'd like.
Later dude!!